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Top features: – Q Colour, Q Contrast and Q HDR for fantastic quality – SmartThings App connects all your Samsung devices – Universal guide puts everything in one place – Ambient mode means your TV looks good even when it’s off – 360° design looks stunning Q Colour, Q Contrast and Q HDR Enjoy a TV with the best possible image quality when you plug in the Samsung QE55Q8DNATXXU 55″ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV. Q Colour delivers bright, bold colours, making your movie marathons look better than ever before. You’ll be watching with 100% colour volume, and over a billion colours and shades – so next time you put on a wildlife documentary, you’ll see the ocean and all its aquatic inhabitants in all their glory. Q Contrast brings the best out of your picture with deep blacks and bright whites. The screen keeps reflections to a minimum, so no matter what time of day or night you’re bingeing on a box-set, you’ll always be able to see your screen clearly. Film buffs will love the richness Q HDR brings to this 4K UHD screen. HDR 1500 means you’ll see every detail in the latest out-of-this-world big budget sci-fi feature. This TV and can even optimise each individual frame of a film so that every moment looks detailed and textured.SmartThings AppWatch your favourite shows on the move and pick up where you left back home on your Samsung Q8DN. Download the SmartThings app to your smartphone and you can even continue your viewing as you move around the house. Want a cup of tea but can’t bear to pause the movie? Just carry on watching on your smartphone. You can even sync up other Samsung devices, like a washing machine. Got laundry on the go? A little pop up will appear on your TV when it’s ready.Universal guideNot sure what to watch? Whether you love streaming the latest US hit show or just want to watch the soaps, the Universal Guide makes it easy to find exactly what you like to see. It can even make tailor made viewing recommendations just for you, so you won’t have to scroll aimlessly through the channels ever again.For even more viewing convenience you’ll find the Samsung Smart Hub collects all your apps in one place, so next time you want to load up Netflix or Prime Video you’re only three clicks away from your favorite streaming site.Ambient mode Ambient mode on the 55Q8 shows decorative images, videos and useful information, or can even mimic the wall sitting behind it – it’ll blend into the background like a chameleon. This TV looks great, even when you’re not watching it. It can play light background music too, adding a relaxing touch to your living room. The Samsung’s cable management system is perfect for clutter-free home set up. You can thread all the TV’s cables through grooves built into the back of the TV so that they don’t hang out and create an eyesore. Even the remote control is minimal – One Remote can control your whole Samsung entertainment set up. From Blu-ray player to sound bar, say goodbye to a load of remotes taking up space on your coffee table. 360° design Designed with premium materials, this TV has a minimalist aesthetic that looks amazing from every angle. The screen is what you want to look at, which is why the Q8 has a clean back and almost bezel-less design. Effortless installation For setup without the squabbles, our Team Knowhow experts can connect your new TV to your Blu-ray player, sound bar, and other devices. They’ll even get you online so you can put your feet up and start watching straight away. Pass the popcorn. Essential extras Want your TV wall mounted? No problem. We’ve got brackets that tilt, swivel, or fix your TV in place for the best viewing spot in the house. Alternatively, browse our range of TV stands – we’ve got enough designs to keep even the pickiest interior designer happy. Avoid the disappointment of getting your shiny new telly home and realising you don’t have the cable you need to connect your games console or Blu-ray player. Sandstrom Gold Series HDMI cables support all resolutions and come with a reassuring lifetime guarantee. ______________________________________ Please note: Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate. It will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours.