AKG Y50 Headphones – Black, Black


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Top features: – Enriched sound and in-line controls make it easy to listen to music – Comfortable fit means you can listen all day – Safer storage lets you take your headphones everywhere you go Enriched sound and in-line controls The 40 mm drivers in your Y50 Headphones delivers boosted bass, so you’ll be able to enjoy music with plenty of depth. The closed design of the headphones helps to muffle external noise so you can concentrate on your favourite tunes. Thanks to the in-line controls and microphone, you will be able to take calls whilst listening to your music. The controls are compatible with most smartphones and can be found on the detachable cable. Comfortable fit You’ll be able to keep on listening to your music all day thanks to the comfortable design of the Y50 Headphones. They are lightweight and adjustable which means that you can find the perfect fit for you. Safer storage When you’re not using your headphones, the 3D-Axis mechanism allows you to neatly fold them for a compact way to store them. The Y50 Headphones include a carrying pouch so you can take them wherever you go. Enjoy serious sound and a functional design with the AKG Y50 Headphones.