BOSE SoundSport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black & Red, Black


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Top features: – Built-in heart rate monitor helps you keep track of your health and fitness progress – Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to work out without wires – StayHear+ Pulse tips stay in your ears during intensive activity – Integrated microphone lets you take calls on the move Heart rate monitor You can keep track of your heart rate thanks to the SoundSport Pulse’s heart rate monitor. You can use the free Bose Connect app to track it, or use the headphones with many other popular apps and health trackers for a complete view of your progress. Bluetooth connectivity Rather than tangle you up with wires when you’re working out, the SoundSport Pulse connects to your phone or MP3 player using Bluetooth. The headphones support NFC connectivity, so just hold them up to your phone to sync them. StayHear+ You can safely and comfortably use the headphones when running and cycling thanks to the StayHear+ ear tips. They’re designed to form a seal around your ear to keep them in and to deliver consistent sound during intensive activity. There’s no need to worry about the weather when you’re stepping out either as they’re water and sweat resistant. Take calls on the move The headphones are connected by a flexible cord to stop them from getting lost. This cord also has a microphone and volume control to let you take calls and adjust your music without needing to stop what you’re doing to dig your phone out.