Brennenstuhl "Comfort-Line RC CE1 3001 GB 3726" Wireless Power Outlets Set, white


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The remote control set from Brennenstuhl with three remote control receivers and a remote control in white distinguishes itself through its quality and safety in all areas Smart design within your own four walls with these three remote control sockets in a modern design controlling hard to access lights and other electronic devices is child play – A safe and comfortable solution for controlling electronic devices conveniently by remote control at the press of a button – Plug the remote control receiver into the socket and plug in the device you want to control remotely – For conveniently switching on and off electronic devices and lights up to 1000W – Control this remote control set conveniently using the SteckerPro app – Very helpful for people with illnesses or with limited mobility – Sockets with child proof device – Range of up to 25m – Frequency 43392 MHz – Switching status indicator on the receiver can also be operated manually – Easy and flexible use thanks to self-learning coding – Fail-safe thanks to more than 65000 different codes – Permanent storage of the coding even in the event of a long power failure – Includes 3V battery (type CR2032) for the remote control