Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM Lens


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An affordable high quality lens thats perfect for creative portraits and low-light photos Blur backgrounds to make your subject stand out and enjoy smooth near-silent STM focusing when shooting movies  A fantastic lens for portraits  Fast virtually silent focusing  A great performer in low-light conditions  Super-sharp image quality  Compact go-everywhere design A fantastic lens for portraits The EF 50mm f18 STM blurs the background behind your subject so they really stand out It will also let you fill the frame without getting uncomfortably close making it easier to get a natural expression on their face When used on a full-frame EOS camera the EF 50mm f18 STM acts as a standard lens giving a perspective similar to that of the human eye – ideal for high-quality everyday photography Fast virtually silent focusing Near-silent STM technology focuses extremely quickly when shooting still photos so you can react suddenly to capture fleeting moments When capturing video focusing is smoother and slower for footage that has a professional cinematic look to it A great performer in low-light conditions The EF 50mm f18 STM lets in lots of light so you can keep shooting even when conditions begin to get dark Capture the mood of the moment using atmospheric available light – you will love the results! Super-sharp image quality This fixed non-zooming lens delivers superb images whether you are shooting photos or movies Sharpness is enhanced contrast is boosted and distortion is reduced for a more natural result The glass elements used in the EF 50mm f18 STM are layered with Canons bespoke Super Spectra coating which prevents flare and ghosting when shooting into the light Compact go-everywhere design The diminutive EF 50mm f18 STM weighs just 160g and is only 40mm long so you will always have room for it in your bag A tactile manual focus ring is easy to find and use without taking the camera away from your eye Specifications OPTICAL FEATURESSPECIFICATIONS Angle of view (horzntl vertl diagnl) 40 2746 degrees Lens construction (elementsgroups) 65 No of diaphragm blades 7 Minimum aperture 22 Closest focussing distance (m) 035 Maximum magnification (x) 021 Distance Information Yes AF actuator STM Minimum aperture if using 13stop increments PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Filter diameter (mm) 49 Max diameter x length (mm) 692 x 393 Weight (g) 160