Canon LEGRIA HF R806 Camcorder, HD 1080p, 3.28MP, 57x Advanced Zoom, Optical Image Stabiliser, 3 Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD Display, Black


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Discover new realms of creativity with Canon’s LEGRIA HF R806 camcorder. Explore its delightful Full HD resolution, mammoth zoom range and rich suite of creative modes to film cinema-standard footage. This state-of-the-art camcorder has an intuitive touch screen display and souped up image stabilisers to keep your work shake-free. Whether you want to capture precious home videos or become the next Stanley Kubrick, this versatile shooter would be a top-notch investment. The R806’s maximum recording time has been increased over the previous model to 3 hours and 15 minutes. Eye-Popping, Professional Shooting This camcorder’s 1/4.85” CMOS sensor, DIGIC DV 4 and stunning HD resolution deliver vivid shots with rapid speed. Backed by a 1/2000 sec shutter speed, this super-powered tech will give you smooth, finely-detailed footage that you’ll be proud to call your own. The lens’ f1.8-f4.5 aperture range lets you adjust the subject/background too, giving you control over the focus of your shots. Supreme Zoom For a handheld camcorder, the HF R806’s zoom options are staggering. The 32x Optical Zoom, 1140x Digital Zoom and 57x Advanced Zoom let you capture your subject wherever you are. You can hone in on wildlife, get a better view of some sports action or go for a cinematic close-up, and keep up the shooting quality. Other features like the Zoom Framing Assist button make it easier-than-ever to make the most of Canon’s expansive zoom range. This accessible versatility will free you of any inhibitions when you work. Shake-Free Footage If you don’t have time to set up your tripod, handheld shooting can do the trick, but results can be marred with shake. The HF R806’s built-in Optical and Intelligent Image Stabilisers work to iron this out and automatically deliver steady, blur-free footage. Such tech will make sure your shots are as crisp as they can be. 3” Touch Screen Display Explore the HF R806’s rich range of features with this vibrant display. The intuitive touch screen can be tilted too, letting you adjust its angle while you’re on-the-move. Get Creative With The Effects If you want to inject your shots with a bit of flair, there’s a mass of exciting features to explore. These include the 0.5x speed slow motion, 2x – 1200x fast motion and cinema-look filters. You can even adjust the variable speed during recording. This way, you can break the mould in your movie-making and flex your creativity fully. Furthermore, the advanced Baby Mode automatically sorts footage of up to three children into albums, so you can keep tabs of your precious home movies. Ultra-Crisp Sound It’s a shame when stunning shots are let down by not-so-stunning sound. With this camcorder’s Audio Scene Select mode, it will automatically optimise audio settings so your work is both aurally and visually brilliant. Key Benefits 32x Optical Zoom, 57x Advanced Zoom and 1140x Digital Zoom give exceptional shooting range 1.4.85” CMOS sensor and rapid DIGIC DC 4 processor give professional quality Zoom Framing Assist mode keeps you in control of your shots Image Stabilisers keep your footage blur-free Baby Mode automatically organises your children’s footages, so your family videos are kept together. Its vari-angle touch screen display make the functions simple to navigate The fluid Audio Scene Select mode keeps the sound crisp, whatever your shooting