Celestron Car Battery Adapter


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When your astronomy takes you away from sources of AC power the Celestron Car Battery Adapter is what you need. We are always in pursuit of the darkest skies possible, and that often means going off the grid. The most common way to power your telescope in these situations is to use a portable 12V battery pack, like the Celestron PowerTank, or to use power from your car¬ís battery via the cigarette lighter.The Celestron Car Battery Adapter is the accessory required for connecting any Celestron computerised telescope to a DC power supply or car battery. Just plug the round post into the 12V input jack on the drive base of your telescope, and then insert the power connector into the cigarette lighter outlet in your car or on your power supply. The cord is 25 feet long, which gives you plenty of reach between your telescope and the 12V power source.The barrel connector can be used with any telescope that uses a receptacle with an outside diameter of 5.5 mm and an inner diameter of 2.1 mm and a “tip positive” polarity.Features- Power your Celestron computerized telescope from your car battery or a portable 12V DC power supply.- Barrel connector plugs into the 12V input jack on the telescope drive base.- Power connector fits standard automobile cigarette lighter receptacles, also found on portable 12V battery packs like the Celestron PowerTank.- 25-foot cord for lots of reach.For use with the following telescopes:NexStar SLT SeriesNexStar GT SeriesCGEM SeriesCPC SeriesCPC Deluxe SeriesAdvanced VX Series