Celestron Digital Camera Adapter


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The Celestron Celestron Digital Camera Adapter is a universal mounting platform that allows you to do photography through the eyepiece of a telescope using a 1-1/4″ or 2″ eyepiece. It comes with a 2 year Limited Warranty. – Universal mounting platform for afocal photography (photography through the eyepiece of a telescope) – Works with 1.25″ or 2″ eyepieces – Compatible with most tripod adaptable point-and-shoot digital cameras Explore the world of astroimaging the easy way with the Celestron Digital Camera Adapter. With this easy-to-use accessory, you’ll be able to align your digital camera with the eyepiece of your telescope for super steady photography of planets and other celestial objects. If your camera has a video capture mode, you can even create your own videos as you explore the surface of the Moon and beyond. The beauty of this accessory is in its simplicity. With the Digital Camera Adapter, you don’t need to be a photography pro or an experienced stargazer to get started with astroimaging! It’s also a great accessory to take along on visual observing sessions, so you can snap a quick photo without removing the eyepiece. You’ll be surprised at the beautiful images you can capture with your existing camera and telescope using the Digital Camera Adapter. It’s an affordable way to get started with this rewarding hobby and share your discoveries with others. 2-Year Warranty For two years, Celestron will cover repairs or replacement of this product in cases of defective components or damage from normal wear and tear.