Celestron Optical Microscope Beginners


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The Celestron Optical Microscope Kit is ideally suited for examining specimen slides of yeasts and molds cultures plant and animal parts fibers bacteria and more. Use the lower magnifications to examine objects like coins rocks insects and more. Start out by using the provided specimen slides and then create some of your own. It is the perfect entry-level microscope kit. Your Microscope Kit is ready to use right out of the box with these included accessories: 3 prepared slides 2 blank slides 1 well slide Specimens: rocks honeybee wing and brine shrimp Light diffuser Needle probe Eye dropper Tweezers Biological microscope with powers from 40x to 600x 4x 15x and 30x objective lenses and 10-20x zoom eyepiece featuring high-quality glass optics Includes 3 prepared glass slides 2 blank glass slides 1 blank well slide light diffuser needle probe eye dropper and tweezers Sample specimens to get you observing immediately: rocks honeybee wing and brine shrimp