Fujifilm Instax SQUARE SQ10 Digital Instant Camera, Black


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The first SQUARE format Instax camera, a hybrid of analogue and digital technology, gives you the best of both worlds. It combines the fun, style and immediacy of the self-printing instant with the creative power and editing control of digital photography. Capturing those once in a lifetime moments in stylish ‘Instax Square Film’ format, this fantastic instant allows you to edit and add creative features to your photos before printing. With superior image quality thanks to digital technology, the SQ10 lets you express your creativity …in an instant. Instax Fun, Digital Quality Having a digital image sensor and digital processing tech improves the picture quality and allows editing features not normally possible in an instant. You can take brighter shots in low light conditions (e.g. indoors or at night), or shoot as close as 10cm away from the subject. Automatic exposure control, human detection and auto-focus features are all there to improve picture quality and make shooting easier. Endless Creativity Ten striking filters (including monochrome and sepia), dramatic vignette control, and brightness adjustment combine to give you a huge variety of creative expression over the final image. And you can trim the shot by zooming or moving to find the perfect composition. The possibilities are endless! You can adjust settings prior to shooting or after, but always before printing your final photo masterpiece. Square Film Retro-style square photos are all the rage, and this camera uses specially designed ‘Instax Square Film’ format. It’s a format loved by fans of instant photography the world over, a picture ratio that adds sophistication to your images, and echoes the popularity of photo-sharing social media site Instagram. Joy to Use The SQ10 is all about ease-of use. The body is designed with a thin, round, symmetrical shape for easy holding. An integrated operating dial and buttons on the rear of the camera make it simple and pleasurable to use. It even has dual shutter buttons making it just as easy to shoot with the left or right eye: great for left-handed photographers or experimenting with new shooting angles. And an LCD monitor lets you view your editing status as you fine-tune your snaps. You can store up to 50 photos on the camera’s internal memory, or even more on microSD card (sold separately). Perfect if you want to carry on shooting and come back to edit your pics later.