Fujifilm Instax SQUARE SQ6 Instant Camera with Selfie Mode, Built-In Flash & Shoulder Strap


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Enjoy snapping super-cool square pics instantly with the super-stylish SQUARE SQ6. It adds to the fun, style and immediacy of the self-printing instant with a dedicated Selfie Mode, a host of creative shooting modes and even coloured flash filters. It captures those once in a lifetime moments in stylish Instax Square Film format, making the ordinary extraordinary …in an instant. Take Awesome Selfies The SQ6 has a dedicated Selfie Mode so you can get the crispest results when you self-snap. When the mode’s on, it adjusts focus automatically to capture your best side. There’s even a selfie mirror at the front, so you can make sure you’re in the right position before you shoot and print, for perfect framing every time. Get Adventurous As well as the super Selfie Mode you can choose from Automatic Exposure, Macro or Landscape modes. Or choose to manually adjust exposure yourself with Lighten and Darken modes, or even Double Exposure to super-impose two images into one. And you can set it up on a tripod and engage the Self-Timer for perfectly posed group portraits. Square Film Retro-style square photos are all the rage, and this camera uses specially designed ‘Instax Square Film’ format. It’s a format loved by fans of instant photography the world over, a picture ratio that adds sophistication to your images, and echoes the popularity of photo-sharing social media site Instagram. Colour Flash Filters Not only does the SQ6 include an automatic flash built-in to brighten darker scenes when needed, it includes three colour filters! Choose from orange, purple or green to add instant vibrancy and atmosphere to your snaps. Stylish Snapper The look of the SQ6 is as cool as the shots it captures. Instantly modern and retro at the same time, this cute little snapper is designed to delight.