Hama 2 Filter Clamps, 62 – 86 mm


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Fast Removal of Stubborn Stuck Filters Most owners of DSLR cameras and higher end video cameras will be familiar with and use filters They are usually extremely easy to apply and remove simply screwing on or off of the lens or each other That until one gets stuck This may happen due to rusting damage to the filter or camera lens or for other unknown reasons but either way they can be almost impossible to remove with your bare hands leaving you stuck with the same filter attached to your lens indefinitely and significantly hampering your photographic efforts Hama filter clamps (or wrenches) are a simple design that can be fitted around most filters measuring 62-77mm and provide the extra leverage that is required to removeunstick seized filter using the handy grips to twist it from its mount In a few quick twists your lens or filter should be free for the mounting of alternative filters and accessories