Hama 72762 Polarising Filter Circular Wide 4.5 mm 00072762


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Special filter with ultra-flat rotary mount (45 mm) For wide-angle and wide-angle zoom lenses especially for fast AF lenses with integrated motor drive or front lens focus No vignetting (dark shading of picture corners) New super-quality optical glass (only 1 mm thick) From 17 mm focal length (in case of miniature photograph) Very low weight Multi-layer coating (C14) seven layers of coating are vapour-deposited on each side Quality standard (glass) ProClass Colour of mount black Impact of picture (like Polarizing Filter circular) Puts contrast and depth in the picture the sky gets blue the clouds get white and the colours become clearer According to the position of the filter non-metallic reflections (water plastic glass etc) are removed The best effect is achieved with a shooting angle of 30-40° to the reflective surface