Hama Accessory Shoe with Insulating Plate


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The Hama Mounting Shoe with Insulating Plate is a simple but very versatile little photographic accessory Firstly it allows traditional hot shoe flashguns to be mounted onto new SLR and DSLR cameras which are fitted with multi-pole accessory shoes for their dedicated flash units By mounting this in between the flash gun and the camera shoe it acts as an insulator stops the flash being triggered accidentally and protects the hot shoe against short circuiting as a result of the multi point contacts on the camera shoe base The flash in this case will need to be triggered by means of a cable between the flashgun and the sync socket on the camera A second use is to mount shoe flashguns onto tripods or other stands that have a 64mm ” thread on them as part of a studio or macro setup The 64mm ” socket on the base of the adapter is simply screwed onto the tripod or stand and the flash slid into the shoe to be securely mounted it will again need to be triggered with a sync cable or using one of Hama extension cables or flash remote slave triggers if the distance to the camera is too great