Hama "Air Comfort 140" Camera Carrying Strap, neoprene, black


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The original carrying strap of your camera has again left pressure marks on your neck and nape? To prevent such things occurring all you need is Hama’s “Air Comfort” carrying strap that provides superior carrying comfort thanks to special air cushionsShoulder straps with universal holders have always proven successful in reality The camera is on a lead with padded and super elastic neoprene material and top side fine textile (110 cm) and is always ready to hand Nevertheless you can use your hands if necessary Carrying straps with loop clasp system increase the safety standard of your camera considerably eg during the holidays or open air events etc Cameras are easily lost or stolen especially on holiday and especially in busy areas A camera strap can help to significantly decrease the chance of this happening to you; keeping your strap over your shoulder or looping it around your bag makes it much harder for someone to steal it keeps your camera secure and in a specific place at all times so that you are also less likely to lose it Carrying your camera makes it accessible to you at all times whether on a night out or a day trip to the zoo however in the excitement of taking a photo the camera can be easily dropped with a camera strap you are simply giving yourself extra security you can still hold your camera but with the strap around your wrist you can rest assured that you won drop it no matter how excited you are Easily and cheaply give your camera a little bit of extra protection from theft loss and damage from dropping with the durable Hama Air Comfort Neoprene Camera Strap in Black