Hama "Ball" Mini Tripod, L, white


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Small and lightweight this tripod offers outstanding portability You can conveniently take it with you anywhere on the go whether it be to shopping tours family celebrations or whilst walking across the countryside Shine your way to success with the Hama “”LP 11″” Laser Pointer! Laser pointers have been designed to highlight something of interest by pointing a small bright spot of light onto it Typically used in the work place for educational and business presentations the laser pointer allows you to emphasis particular parts of your presentation to the audience The ultimate presentation accessory from Hama! When sitting in a presentation and focusing on a big screen it can be easy to miss particular things; keep the eyes of the audience focused on where you want them to be with the use of the laser pen With a range of at least 50m you can feel free to have movement around the room whilst giving your presentation at the same time as feeling assured that your laser pointer can always be seen on the screen In addition the laser pointer pen is equipped with a snap hook so that you can attach it to your jacket pocket or belt loop to allow for quick and easy access The slim line silver pointer with green laser beam can also be easily stored on the desk with your pens Have the tools you need for a great presentation available to you in one convenient place with the Hama “”LP 11″” Laser Pointer