Hama Body Cap for Nikon


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This Hama body cap is a must for any photographer using a Nikon SLR or DSLR camera It is a simply little piece of plastic that is engineered to match the Nikon lens mount and is easily positioned into the throat of the camera when a lens has been removed and twisted to lock it into place This is the easiest way to keep the mirror and sensorshutter of your Nikon SLR or DSLR free from dust when you are carrying the body and lens apart in a pocket or in your gadget bag for convenience or simply to save space It is the work of just a second or two to position this and saves a lot of time and effort in cleaning the camera interior a fiddly and precise task at best This body cap also helps to protect the lens mount itself and the essential electronic contacts around it from accidental damage because of the way that it fits snugly into the lens mount Surely this is a truly small cost to save a potential large repair bill and a camera out of action This is a small but essential piece of equipment that should be found in every Nikon SLRDSLR user gadget bag