Hama "DCCSystem" Base IR Remote Release with Photoelectric Detector


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Wherever it is important to record extraordinary moments such as the finish line of a race or when taking pictures eg of a lynx that climbs a tree an infrared remote release ensures the perfect shot at the right moment Shake-free and extraordinary images guaranteed!The IR Remote Release DCC System Base from Hama is a must have for avid photographers! Do you ever find yourself disappointed having been slightly to late on the trigger of your camera resulting in you missing a fantastic shot which would have added something exceptionally special to your photo portfolio You no longer need to worry thanks to this impressive device the IR Remote Release DCC System Base from Hama! This device works essentially as a photoelectric detector for animal photos target photographs (eg finish line during races) or party photos (people in dancing pose) The Digital camera (DSLR) is triggered by a moving object or subject which breaks through the photoelectric detector This photoelectric detector triggers the camera at the right moment meaning the photographer does no longer run the risk of not having pressed the trigger in time The device comprises a transmitter (positioned opposite the receiver) and a receiver (with cable on camera) and the adjustment of the photoelectric detector for unobserved shots is so easy you will be stunned There are interchangeable camera connections separately available for all common cameras and the device allows certain parameters to be adjusted These include the continous shooting mode (only with program semi-automatic system or manual setting possible) long term exposures (bulb) and the timer (4 seconds) With the IR Remote Release DCC System Base from Hama you can be assured you will never miss that all important shot again Note to consumers Via the integrated 14″” (64 mm) thread the receiver and transmitter can be positioned on a tripod in a freely selectable distance (up to 5 m) The camera connection cable can be extended with article 00005215 The distance between the transmitter and receiver can be up to 5 m (depends on the lighting conditions) A photoelectric detector is connected to a photo camera via the electric remote control connection Any camera which has a connection for an electric remote release is therefore suitable for photography with photoelectric detectors Photoelectric detectors can be used in animal object sports macro advertising photography and in many other fields of photography They are always needed when reproducible photos are to be taken of moving subjects and when the autofocus of the camera or the human reflex is too slow for actuating the shutter release The photoelectric detector can also be used separately as infrared remot