Hama "Dust Ex Brush 55" Air Blower


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An air blower allows gentle cleaning of cameras It creates a powerful gust of air that expels accumulations of dust from sensitive areas of the camera without any need for physical contact And should there be any coarse particles on your lens or eyepiece you can use the supplied brush Leave Your Camera Dust Free and Sparkling! Nobody wants dust accumulating on their camera Not only can it ruin a perfectly good photo by casting shadows across them when present on the sensor but it can also clog up and interfere with the lens and viewing screens preventing you from capturing your desired picture in the first place However cameras consist of a number of sensitive componants which cannot always just be scrubbed with a cloth or brush to remove such dust incase permenant damage should occur This is where Hama come in with the safe and easy to use Dust-ex bellow air blower Blow Away The Dust! With its double valve system this simple yet effective device from Hama creates a super powerful gust of air which can be specifically directed towards accumulations of dust using the fine nozzle to expel them even from the smallest and most sensitive of areas on the camera without any need for physical contact The dust blower is talc free therefore leaving no unsightly white marks and has a protective flap All you are left with is a sparkling clean camera without the dust and without the damage! Brilliant!