Hama Fancy Neoprene Chess 70E Bag for Camera Black


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The Changing Face of the Compact Camera! The gradual evolution of cameras from their large and bulky predecessors to their current high capacity light and compact forms has led to suitable protection and storage evolving simultaneously along-side them Due to increased portability cameras are now more often than not slipped into bags or over our shoulder in order to accompany us on nights out holidays and events such as parties and weddings which can leave them exposed to accumulations of dirt and dust or damage from knocking against other items if sufficient protection isn’t provided Reliable Protection for your Camera on the Go! Hama will spare both you and your camera (your camera from damage and you from the expense of repairing or replacing it!) with this compact and practical "Fancy Neoprene Chess" 70E Camera Bag in classic black These smart looking cases really catch people’s eye Even among many people these bags unmistakably show profile managing to successfully infuse fantastic protection with great style Made of flexible stretchy neoprene material the camera bag classic black in colour is designed to give your small and slim digital camera the ultimate protection it needs when carrying it out and about with you or whilst being stored in a draw or cupboard at home Being highly durable the bag will protect the camera from all the dust and dirt that life can throw at it with a double zipper fastener to secure the camera safely within the bag whilst granting immediate access when necessary Generously padded on the outside to absorb the minor knocks and bumps of day-to-day life the inside lining of the case is made out of soft material for gentle support of the camera and there is even a fleece compartment inside so you have plenty of room for the safe transportation and storage of small accessories such as a spare memory card available should yours fill up or a spare battery should yours run out Product Features Bag which holds and protects small digital cameras Double zipper opening Fleece compartment inside Flexible neoprene material with stretch effect Technical Details Material Neoprene Inside Dimension Depth 2 cm Inside Dimensions Height 115 cm Inside Dimensions Width 75 cm Size Code 70E (112-118 cm x 19-21 cm) Weight 35 g Colour Black DesignMotif Chess Line Fancy Usage PhotoVideo