Hama Flash Bracket, 90°, foldable, black


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Become picture perfect with this foldable angle bracket from Hama The bracket can be mounted onto any tripod with a A14 socket so you needn worry about having to buy any new equipment to suit your bracket The bracket can be opened up to 90 and has a sturdy hand strap to allow you to steady the camera in order to achieve a higher-quality image with less risk of disturbance through shaking and movement There is also an accessory shoe mount for the attachment of lights or microphones so you can get everything you want and more out of your shot giving you professional photos at amateur prices The bracket lets you play around with light by having your flashgun off the centre line of the lens you can effectively reduce the affect of red-eye in your photos In addition being lightweight and compact when folded the bracket is ultra portable and can easily be slipped into a camera bag to be transported with you on the go so you can capture stunning professional images wherever you are When the bracket is not in use you can easily store around your house without it taking up too much space A must have for any photographer on the go!