Hama "Flexi" Mini Tripod, M


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Keep Your Feet Firmly on the Ground! This ultra portable mini tripod from Hama will allow you to get snap happy on the go Great for use on holidays or on outdoor adventures this small but sturdy tripod can be adjusted to stand steady on rough ground and uneven surfaces to allow you to grab every possible photo and video opportunity and turn them into high-quality professional imagery Being able to support most compact cameras and small video cameras with with 14″ (64 mm) tripod socket the tripod has a wide scope of possible applications from capturing that stunning landscape to shooting a family video The flexible legs are extendible up to a height of 12 cm and it is black to blend in with most camera equipment In addition it is super compact and weighs very little so will easy pack away in a case bag or even your pocket with the included clip and will not weigh luggage down so you can keep inside those all important weight limits Easy to use and adjust it is a must have for every compact camera user beginner or professional