Hama Hot Shoe Adapter, cable contact


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This useful little device allows the photographer to fire a flashgun with only a hot shoe contact on a camera without a hot shoe but fitted with a cable contact socket (older SLR It is small and light 19mm high and only 11g in weigh so is ideal to be tucked away in a corner of a gadget bag A secondary use for this device is in multiple flash head setups such as in a studio where a hot shoe flashgun can be mounted as part of the set up and a slave trigger unit attached via the trailing sync cable This will allow the hot shoe flash to be triggered at the same time as the others which are normally connected by cable The third use for this device is in mounting a couple of hot shoe guns on either side of the camera for macro photography By using these devices with additional short sync cables and a sync splitter into a hot shoe adapter you can have 2 flash heads which can be angled for optimum illumination away from the main camera but still triggered easily from the camera release All in all this is a most versatile accessory to have in your gadget bag