Hama Liquid Image Vented Helmet Mount for Ego Action Camera


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Liquid Image Vented Helmet Mount for Ego Action Cam Suitable for use with Liquid Image Ego Action cameras (727) this mount allows the universal attachment of the Ego to vented sports helmets such as those used in cycling skiing kayaking etc Quick and easy to use all you need to do to create a secure stable fixing for your Ego camera is thread the straps through the helmet vents and secure underneath using the hook and look fastener Hey presto! The Ego is now perfectly positioned to capture fantastic hands-free POV action footage With a ¼” tripod screw for fixing the camera to the mounting plate the mount will ensure that the Ego is held steady even during periods of extreme motion such as when hitting some uneven terrain or rough water so you can achieve the best possible quality footage and crisp clear images The screw fitting also allows the camera to be quickly fitted and removed at will so it can be taken away for recharging or download of the day’s footage and then simply screwed back in place when you are ready to continue your adventure  For mounting of the Liquid Image Ego Action Cam on a vented helmet  Ideal for sports such as cycling skiing or kayaking  2 hook and loop straps secure the camera through the helmet vents  Allows POV action footage to be captured  Comes with a 14" tripod socket