Hama Polarizing Filter, circular, AR coated, 82.0 mm


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This polarizing filter improves colour saturation and enables pictures to appear clearer with better contrast What is more it does not only reduces glare and reflections from glass panes and water surfaces but also protects the sensitive lens from scratches To bring the wow factor to your photos use the Hama Polarising Filter on your camera lens The Polarising Filter uses unique technology that improves colour saturation ensuring that your photos are aesthetically pleasing with rich and enhanced colours The Polarising Filter is also a UV filter reducing the amount of UV rays in your picture without affecting visible light balance The filter puts contrast and depth into your picture the sky becomes bluer and clouds become whiter giving you a beautifully vivid photo If positioned correctly the filter can be especially useful when shooting water sky colour and reflections Reflective surfaces like windows or shiny new cars can photograph defectively with the appearance of glare; the filter helps to reduce the glare so that you get a clean shot every time The filter can also act as a protective layer for your lens no more scratches and a great shield from dust You improve or change your photos with correction and creative filters In the digital photo the effect of filters can be seen immediately on the display Best results are achieved without further ado Creative filters save time-consuming corrections on a PC giving you more time to enjoy the art of taking photos Make the Polarising Filter your first step to more professional looking photos