Hama Quick-Release Plate for Omega Premium I, II and III


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Tripods are an integral part of photography; they eliminate shake in a photo and therefore produce maximum sharpness Tripods are essential for any professional or amateur photographer and so are the accessories to accompany a tripod A very important tripod accessory is the quick-release plate as it allows you to easily attach your camera to the tripod Quick-release plates are often durably attached to cameras so that one tripod can be used for more than one camera; if the camera is changed they are simply disengagedclicked in Quick-release plates allow for swift changes between different cameras when using a tripod If you have a variety of cameras for different photo outcomes you still only need one tripod With the Hama quick-release plate you can have your entire camera selection ready to go by simply attaching a plate to them via the ” thread and leaving it there in addition there is a built-in spirit level to give you photos an extra professional touch This way you can easily click one camera off your tripod and have the next one ready to go with its own quick-release plate You don ever have to miss a shot when your camera is ready to roll with a quick-release plate from Hama suitable for the duo range of tripods