Hama Rubber Lens Hood for Standard Lenses, 55 mm


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Light is thoroughly important when taking photos but not when it comes in from all sides To prevent such things occurring all you need is a lens hood that blocks light coming in from the side This one here has a matt-finished inner surface which avoids reflections Practical accessories are indispensable for your camera lenses! Lens hoods enable shooting under difficult lighting conditions or in case of unfavourable position of the sun; they work to reduce the glare in photos In addition the Hama Rubber Lens Hood for standard lenses allows you to attach a number of 550 mm filters to the end of your lens Adding a filter to your camera can improve your photos having a filter can save you time making corrections on your PC by immediately improving your photos which can be seen straight away on the display screen The attachment of a filter can also help to keep your camera in mint condition making re-sale much more achievable The rubber lens hood has a metal ring and is collapsible therefore takes up little room in your camera case when it is not in use The Lens Hood is for standard lenses (from a focal length of 45 mm) and digital cameras with internal thread (screw-in frame 550 mm) The lens hood is made out of rubber making it easy to attach to and remove from your camera Make sure that your pictures are always the best quality that they can be by using the necessary lens attachments for optimum results