Hama SF27 Activity Pod for Camera 00004383


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Take A Handle Of It! This SF27 Activity Pod is an exceptionally useful accessory that allows a photographer or individual to take high quality images and video by attaching their action video or compact camera to this fantastic Activity Pod Acting as a kind of camera holder this pod for use on smooth surfaces is perfect for those of you who like to video the scenic views when driving through the country and more The horizontal and vertical viewing angle is adjustable by the locking plate The socket will enable you to swivel your camera 360 degrees This will ensure you capture only the very best angles for ever more The flexible leg bends perfectly into the position you want it in allowing you to capture the best perspective for the shot Your camera will be easily attached and securely fastened on to the Activity pod via the screw on mount and is easily mounted to the surface via the extra strong adhesive suction cup system which will ensure it stays securely in place This makes it ideal for car windscreens Removing the camera is equally as easy via the quick release plate with 4-point locking system Get the orientation you need for viewing objects views and more today with this SF27 Activity Pod from Hama Mount your action video or compact camera lock it into place and you’re ready to explore objects and more at angles you never knew were possible!!  For securereliable fastening of cameras with 70mm suction cup on smooth surfaces Quick release plate (cork) with 4-point locking system for quickly removing the camera Horizontal and vertical viewing angle adjustable by locking plate and it can be swivelled 360° The flexible leg bends perfectly into the position you want it in Extra-strong adhesive suction cup system for mounting on the windscreen or other smooth surfaces