Hama "Star 62" Tripod


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The “Star 62” tripod ensures excellent shots in case of horizontals tilts and vertical pans and is ideal for both amateur and professional photographers It comes with a crank for continuous height adjustment of the central column and features a spirit level for precise level photosA Shining Star from Hama For serious photographers a good sturdy tripod is a must have for certain photos preventing camera movement to minimise blurring and creating a sharp high-quality photo This makes them ideal to use for capturing self-portraits or group shots where there is no one to hold the camera as well as for slow-speed exposures or when capturing wildlife and other scenes where details need to be crisp and clear Become snap happy and produce beautiful professional looking shots with this versatile and ultra portable Star 62 tripod Suitable for use with both video and photo cameras its rubber feet permit a firm grip on a range of terrains with an aluminium structure that creates a strong and sturdy support for cameras up to a maximum weight of 35kg whilst also remaining lightweight for easy and convenient transportation and great pictures on the go To allow you to achieve a range of heights (from 64-160cm) and to capture pictures and videos from the perfect perspective in a variety of situations the Star 62 comes with a fully adjustable centre column which can be easily altered by using the simple crank along with a 3-way tripod head which can be repositioned at a number of different angles and smoothly panned for the creation of a smooth and professional film Furthermore with its standard 14 (64mm) thread mounting your camera no longer needs to be a chore as you can attach it to the tripod and even switch between different cameras in an instant ensuring that you never miss that all important photo opportunity A fantastic piece of kit for the money it even comes with its own travel case which it folds neatly into so that you can carry your tripod around with you safely with no hassle Whether you are hiking up a hill attending an important event or jetting off to your next holiday destination you will always be fully prepared for any photographic eventuality thanks to the Star 62!