Hama "Star 78 Mono" Monopod


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You are often out on adventure and need a compact monopod to be prepared for any photographic eventuality? This one-legged support will leave you anything but disappointed It is made of aluminium ideal for rough terrain and can go where no tripod has been before Monopods (also called Unipods) are important if tripods cannot be used for reasons of space (not enough storage space or unfavourable nature of soil) The versatile one-legged supports allow smaller apertures and longer exposure times (than it is possible if you use your hands) and ensure therefore a better focus depth of the photos Monopods can go where no tripod has been before; monopods can be wedged in between rocks pushed into small gaps or buried in the sand allowing you to get a perfect shake free photo at all times The leg of your monopod can be fixed at your required length with the quick-action leg locks With only one leg and a convenient protective case you can store your monopod easily around the house or when you want to transport it in the car The 3D pan head and camera spirit level can add extra professionalism to your photos by ensuring you get optimum angles and perfect levels The quick-release coupling allows you to easily change between a number of cameras or camcorders with no difficulty at all so that you never have to miss the perfect shot! Don allow a lack of space to stop you from taking brilliant professional pictures with the Monopod from Hama