Hama "Studio" Flash Cable, PC Plug / 3.5 mm Plug, 10 m, red


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In a flash? Most digital cameras today have a built in flashgun which is an extremely handy solution for those awful situations when it is much too dark for taking pictures but as convenient as these built in flashguns are there are some drawbacks; one of which is the distance which is restrictive the problems of red-eye and often objects and people can look flat This is where an external flashgun is useful which gives you the ability to take pictures of objects scenary and people further away in dark light and still maintain the right lighting reduce red eye and give the modelling effect which gives people and objects definition Although this is all great you need a device to connect the flashgun and your camera and the Flash Sync Cable Profi from Hama allows you to do that Perfect Lighting! The Flash Sync Cable Profi from Hama is extremely simple to use One end of the cable simply connects to the top of the camera and the other end to the external flashgun (both must have PC sync socket) and then you are able to monouvre the external flashgun to get it in the optimum position which is made possible with the generous 10 m cable so you can get the best lighting and the perfect picture everytime At such good value for money and with such a huge improvement in image quality you will wonder what you ever did without it! Improve your lighting with the Hama Flash Synch Cable Profi today!