House Of Marley Buffalo Soldier Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black, Black


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Top features: – Bluetooth gives you wireless playback and calling – 16 hour battery life for all day use – Comfortable on-ear design feels weightless and secure – FSC certified wood earcups deliver style with sustainability Bluetooth House of Marley Buffalo Soldier Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are great if you’re looking to finally unshackle yourself from wired playback on the move. Using Bluetooth 4.0, you’re able to easily connect to a source such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and enjoy crisp and clear audio without a cable getting in the way. Take calls, skip tracks and adjust the volume without even removing your phone from your pocket. Bluetooth makes it simple to enjoy your music wherever you are. 16 hour battery life If you’re listening to music on the commute to work, you needn’t worry about how you’ll keep entertained on the journey home. The Buffalo Soldier Headphones can deliver up to 16 hours of playback time on a full charge, so you can rest assured that your favourite track won’t cut out midway. The headphones take less than four hours to fully charge again, so you’ll be ready for the journey every morning. Comfortable on-ear design Hear great albums without the distraction of uncomfortable material against your ears. The headphones feature plush cushions that feel snug against your ears, without the build-up of heat that traditionally comes with prolonged use. While the stainless steel core headband provides durability, the secondary fabric headband offers optimum comfort and lets you listen for ages while minimising pressure on all sides of your head. FSC certified wood earcups Enjoy great audio using headphones that you know have been produced with the environment in mind. The beautiful wood finish on the Buffalo Soldier Headphones’ earcups has been achieved using wood from FSC forests, guaranteeing that the trees used in the manufacturing process will be replaced and regenerated. Get peace of mind knowing that your headphones have been made using ethically sourced materials.