HOYA Digital Multi-Coated HMC UV(C) Filter – 77 mm


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Reduce the adverse effects of haze in your photos with a high quality Hoya Digital HMC 77 mm UV(c) Lens Filter.Thanks to Hoya’s multi-coating, the Digital HMC 77 mm UV(c) Lens Filter offers remarkable resistance to flare and ghosting, and delivers an average light transmission of over 97% with exceptional colour and contrast. Using a new slim-frame design, this low-profile filter addresses the potential problem of vignetting when used with an ultra wide-angle lens. It also has little or no effect on colour balance and is ideal as permanent protection for your precious lens.The Hoya Digital HMC 77 mm UV(c) Lens Filter will enhance your photography today and preserve the second-hand value of your equipment for the future.