HUMAX HDR-1100S Freesat Freetime HD Recorder – 1 TB, Silver


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As well as providing access to a huge range of TV channels that will please the whole family, the Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Smart TV HD Recorder features Freetime, letting you catch up on the programmes you’ve missed. A 1 TB hard drive means that you’ll be able to record your favourite shows too, ready for when you’ve got time to watch them. Subscription-free TV There are over 200 TV and radio stations to choose from with Freesat, and 11 are in high definition so you can enjoy some of your favourite shows in greater detail. There’s plenty of choice, so there’s something to please everyone. The best news is that because it’s Freesat, you won’t need to pay a penny in subscriptions or monthly fees. Turn back time There’s no need to worry if you’ve missed one of your favourite programmes. With Freetime, all you need is the TV guide. You can simply scroll back over 26 channels in the TV guide to see the programmes you might have missed, and you can watch them straight from the TV guide without needing to open any catch up TV apps. It makes it much easier to get straight to the programmes you love. A Smarter way to watch Thanks to the Smart TV features on the HDR-1100S you can make the most of the best the internet has to offer. You’ll be able to access the most popular catch up TV players, including BBC iPlayer, perfect for keeping up date with all the latest shows. You can also enjoy your favourite boxsets and films with Netflix. You’ll be able to easily access internet content without cable clutter thanks to the built-in WiFi connection, or you can use the Ethernet connection if you prefer a wired connection. Recording The HDR1100S has a large 1 TB hard drive that’s perfect for recording everyone’s favourite shows. You can store hundreds of hours of programmes, which means you won’t have to make sacrifices. There’s enough room for up to 600 hours of standard definition video, or 250 hours of high definition viewing. Smart recording helps to make sure you won’t miss out on programmes if you’re trying to record too many programmes at once. It suggests other possible recording times so you can still record shows. Don’t miss a moment of your viewing. Whether there’s someone at the door or the phone rings, the pause and rewind functions are on hand so you can pause or go back and see what you missed. Even more entertainment Connect a USB stick, external hard drive or other device to your set top box to watch your own content on the large screen. You can also access devices connected to your home network, perfect for viewing content stored on your PC or laptop. Don’t forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to connect your input devices and to make sure your new TV has a perfect picture with improved transfer speeds. Look out for the Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI cables with their lifetime warranty when bought with any TV. Bring home TV that everyone can enjoy with the Humax HDR-1100S Freesat Smart TV HD Recorder.