Koss "Sparkplug" In-Ear Headphones, black


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The Original American Stereophone CompanyEver since we invented the world’s first SP3 stereophone back in 1958 Koss Stereophones have been bringing back the excitement of a live performance Music lovers around the world recognize that dedication to accuracy in sound reproduction as The Sound of Koss Set yourself on a path toward the clear Sound of Koss with high fidelity Koss Sparkplug in-ear headphones a sound choice for listeners who like their music wherever they go The Sparkplug slow memory soft foam ear cushions – made from hydrophilic formed urethane – offer a custom fit with every listen These in-ear headphones seal out ambient noise while delivering enhanced bass and clarity Combined with your favorite music the Koss Sparkplug in-ear headphones are the ultimate on-the-go accessory