Koss Stereo InEar Headset "FitClips KSC32iB" with Microphone, blue


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The Original American Stereophone Company Ever since we invented the world&39;s first SP3 stereophone back in 1958 Koss Stereophones have been bringing back the excitement of a live performance Music lovers around the world recognize that dedication to accuracy in sound reproduction as The Sound of Koss Koss FitClips utilise an original and unique design that ensures the perfect fit Using a new in-ear ported design the elements rest comfortably in the ear to create the ideal seal for the ultimate listening experience The Koss FitClips feature an in line one touch microphone Listeners are given the choice of three sizes of ear cushions designed to fit perfectly in every ear Soft flexible clips rest comfortably around the ear to guarantee the music never stops FitClips are available in two vibrant colors featuring a sweat-resistant coating for active use and unmatched durability