MEADE Adventure Scope 80 Refractor Telescope – Cream, Cream


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Top features:- Perfect for night or day use – Two eye pieces for different magnification Perfect for night or day useIdeal as a first telescope for both children and adults who want to get better acquainted with the night sky, the Meade Adventure Scope 80 Refractor Telescope is perfect for budding astronomers of all ages.Easy to use in day and night conditions, the Adventure Scope 80 is light, portable and includes a backpack so the avid camper can take it with them on their travels.See the countryside or the beach from a new perspective, get an up-close view of a birds nest, or get immersed in the stars like never before.Two eye piecesWith two eye pieces for high and low magnification as well as the red dot finder scope, it couldn’t be simpler to locate your subject of interest, so you won’t miss your chance to see a rare bird while fiddling with the settings.