Meade LightBridge Mini 82mm Telescope


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Meade LightBridge Mini 82mm Telescope The LightBridge Mini 82 allows you to set up and share a stargazing experience in seconds. Whether you are camping in the outdoors or relaxing in the garden, the LightBridge Mini Dobsonians are the ideal �grab-and-go� telescopes, offering easy and portable observation straight from the box! The LightBridge Mini 82 offers a generous 82mm aperture with a compact 300mm (f/3.7) focal length. Weighing less than 1.5kg, this telescope is the ultimate in portability. The 360� swivel mount and a simple point-and-look design make navigating the sky effortless. You�ll enjoy 82mm of light gathering ability for clear, bright images of the Moon, and planets like Saturn and Jupiter! The Lightbridge Mini 82 features a one arm Dobsonian-style mount, comes with two eyepieces for low (26mm) and high (9mm) magnification, a 2x barlow lens to double the magnifying power of each eyepiece, a red dot viewfinder to help you aim the telescope, and the Autostar Suite Astronomy planetarium DVD with over 10,000 celestial objects. Optical tube: 82mm (3.2) reflecting telescope Focal length: 300mm (f/3.7) Mount Type: Alt-azimuth 411x259x251 Eyepieces: 2 x 1.25 (9mm & 26mm) included Assembled dimensions: 210 x 210 x 432mm