Meade Polaris 70 EQ Refractor Telescope


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Meade Polaris 70 EQ Refractor Telescope An ideal telescope for beginners, the Meade Polaris 70 EQ refractor allows you to start exploring the night sky within minutes with its quick and easy one-box setup. High quality optics deliver bright views with stunning clarity and detail, whilst a stable equatorial mount and slow motion controls allow smooth, straightforward tracking of objects as they move across the sky. Users can easily locate the object of interest using the integrated red dot finderscope. Complete with 3 interchangeable eyepieces (6.3mm, 9mm and 26mm) and magnification boosting Barlow Lens (2X), the Polaris 70 EQ is suitable for observing a range of night time objects including the moon, planets, stars and even deep space objects. With Meade�s bonus Autostar Suite Astronomer Edition DVD Software (included) the fun can continue away from the field, providing fascinating facts and info on over 10,000 space objects in addition to printable star charts and sky maps. The sky is the limit! Optical tube design: 70mm (2.8) aperture refracting telescope Focal length: 900mm (f/12.9) Mount type: German Equatorial with slow-motion controls 1067x420x130 Setting Circles: Two (2) axis – RA and DEC Eyepieces: 3 x 1.25 MA (6.3mm, 9mm, 26mm) included Tripod: Pre-assembled full-height stainless-steel tube legs Assembled dimensions: 910 x 870 x 1370mm