MV/1 Studio Headphones


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This new addition to our stereophone line clearly reflects our commitment to the professional recording and broadcast industry. Whether you’re a recording artist, a professional DJ or the ultimate audiophile, the Koss MV1 delivers unmatched performance you won't want to miss. The MV1 stereophone features titanium coating on a 2 mil. high-polymer diaphragm for a frequency response of 10-25,000 Hz. A one-inch diameter oxygen-free copper voice coil improves signal transmission and conduction for an accurate and precise sound reproduction. Computer optimized ferrite magnet structures provide deep bass and treble clarity. Closed cushions seal tightly around the ear eliminating ambient sound and maximizing bass performance. Designed to withstand the stress and pressure of everyday studio use, the MV1 incorporates an adaptable steel and rubber headband design that further ensures isolation. The earcups also fold flat for convenient travel and storage. The MV1 comes with its own sleek case for protective portability. With its impressive sound and remarkable durability the MV1 can be enjoyed wherever and whenever. The MV1 comes equipped with a coiled, single entry eight-foot cord, and 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm adapter included.