NAT. GEOGRAPHIC 76/700 EQ Reflector Telescope


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A great introduction to the world of astronomy, the National Geographic 76/700 EQ Reflector Telescope is ideal for beginner and amateur astronomers. Everything you need With a range of accessories included like a tripod, three different magnification eyepieces, a viewfinder and moon filter, you’ve got everything you need to get your stargazing started. The 76/700 also comes with handy astronomy software, to help you locate planets and constellations step by step. Very portable Easy to set up and portable, you can take your 76/700 to all of your favourite night time observation spots. With a lens diameter of 76 mm, focal length of 700 mm and up to 233 x magnification you can observe the moon, planets and deep-sky objects. Enjoy great value for money and start exploring the universe with the National Geographic 76/700 EQ Reflector Telescope.