NIKON COOLPIX A10 Compact Camera – Red, Red


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Top features: – Powerful image sensor to snap high-quality images in no time- Electronic image stabilisation for blurr-free shots- Large LCD monitor for easy framing- Integrated effects to create more expressive and unique photos- Smart portrait system for flattering portraitsPowerful image sensor It’s simple and fun to use the Nikon COOLPIX A10 Compact Camera thanks to its comfortable grip and intuitive button configuration. All your memories will be preserved in high quality thanks to a powerful 16.1 megapixel image sensor. Take memorable pictures of faces, unique moments and awesome group shots with NIKKOR 5x optical zoom lens – it’s versatile enough for wide-angle group shots or closely zoomed images of faraway subjects. Sharp focus for your photos Electronic image stabilisation means you don’t have to worry about blurred images, and moving subjects like kids and pets stay sharp with motion blur reduction to compensate for camera shake and subject movement. Large LCD monitor Get the shot you want using the A10’s 6.7 cm/2.7” LCD monitor, which makes it simple to frame scenes. You’ll be able to choose the most fitting scene mode using the scene auto selector – pick from 15 options including Landscape, Night portrait or Close-up. These modes optimise camera settings to attain the ideal exposure, helping you capture great shots even in challenging circumstances. The large and bright LCD monitor also makes framing easy when shooting movies and images, and gives a clear view for reviewing in playback. Integrated effects With a range of integrated effects on board, the COOLPIX A10 lets you create more expressive and unique photos. Use the Mirror effect to display your subject and their mirror image in one shot, or Selective colour to add a bright note of colour to a black and white image. Achieve a moody feel in your shots with High-contrast monochrome. If you want to alter the appearance of something you’ve just captured, you can use quick effects including Fisheye, Miniature effect, Toy camera effect and Cross process for fun, instant results. Smart portrait system For great close-ups of people, the automatic Smart portrait system makes flattering portraits easily achievable. When a subject smiles, the Smile timer recognises it and takes a shot, while Blink proof warns if it detects blinking as the shutter is released – this lets you immediately re-take it without having to check the photo. The Skin softening effect includes enhanced facial detection and better skin tone exposure control for perfect portraits. Take great-looking photos easily with the Nikon COOLPIX A10 Compact Camera.