Panasonic HC-W580EB-K Camcorder, Wi-Fi, HD 1080p, High Dynamic Range 2.5MP Movie/10MP Still, 50x Optical Zoom, 90x Intelligent Zoom, 2.7 Wide LCD Touch Monitor


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Panasonic’s HC-V580 is an outstanding HD camcorder bursting with top-notch specs and exciting features. Use the 50x optical zoom and 90x intelligent zoom to hone in on faraway subjects, revolutionise your shooting with the built-in Wi-Fi and discover new shooting angles with the rotatable Twin Camera. The 5-axis image stabiliser, ultra-wide angle view and suite of creative controls will make your videos personal and blur-free, too. You can even shoot in eye-popping High Dynamic Range (HDR) to make your films extra-vivid. Sophisticated MOS Sensor This camcorder’s state-of-the-art MOS sensor packs in 2.5MP of movie resolution and 10MP of still photo resolution. This way, your shots will be pin-sharp and processed speedily. Twin Camera Beside the display, you’ll find a second camera that lets you shoot from two angles at once. It creates a sub-window on the touch display that you can slide around to get the right position. Whether you’re taking a selfie or capturing a precious family moment, you’ll always get the whole picture. Wireless Multi-Camera By hooking up this camcorder to your Wi-Fi, you can explore a rich range of fun features. Link up as many as 3 smartphones, then use up to 2 of them as recording sub-windows. These sub-windows can then be interchanged, letting you shoot from a whole new range of angles. Other Wi-Fi features include the app-driven Remote Shooting, Real Time Broadcasts on live-stream platform USTREAM, Baby Monitoring and Home Monitoring. Super Zoom The HC-V380 enables ultra-telephoto Intelligent 90x zoom shooting, from within a compact body. This powerful zoom brings faraway subjects closer so you can capture dynamic images that fill the whole frame. High Dynamic Range Movies Enjoy super-crisp colours with the HDR Movie function. By flicking the button, the camcorder will combine two images taken with different exposures to sharpen the gradation and pull off simply stunning shots. Blur-Free Results The HYBRID Optical Image Stabiliser+ uses 5-axis correction to clamp down on hand-shake in any situation, leaving your shots consistently sharp. Furthermore, the Level Footage function automatically corrects image tilt, so snaps are always straight. Tinker with the OFF, Normal and Strong settings to suit your situation. Wide-Angle Wonder The 28mm wide angle function can fit more into your frame. This is especially useful if you want to record a group photo in a small room, which even works on close-ups. This makes it possible for the 2 channel zoom microphone to pick up the slightest sound, too. BSI Sensor’s Luminous Light Variety The HC-V380’s BSI sensor improves light sensitivity performance, letting you record easy-to-see, clear images in low-light locations. Get Creative Shoot impressive video recordings that are matched to the situation with an array of filter effects. Choose from Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie, Silent Movie and Time Lapse Recording to capture the very best of the moment. Key Benefits 2.5MP (Movie), 10MP (Still Photo) and Full HD 1080p resolution delivers crisp detail Rotatable Twin Camera lets you film from two angles at once HDR Movie mode allows ultra-crisp colour shots Wi-Fi functionality opens up a whole new realm of shooting possibility Supreme 50x optical zoom and 90x intelligent zoom lets you snap any subject from afar 5-Axis HYBRID Optical Image Stabilisers and Level Footage function gives steady, blur-free content State-Of-The-Art BSI Sensor boosts low-light performance Rich range of creative modes to add flair to your footage Cases Take care of your new camcorder with one of our cases. Click here to view the range.