PANASONIC Lumix DMC-FZ1000EB Bridge Camera, Black


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Top features:- Sensor & engine which process data to provide you with exceptional image quality – Leica lens gives you perfect moments across its whole zoom range – 4K Ultra HD video that is smooth, natural and full of life – Sharp shooter with optical image stabilisation technology to correct shake Sensor & engineThe 20.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000EB Bridge Camera incorporates a highly sensitive 1-inch MOS image sensor. Thanks to the large sensor size the camera captures and processes a high amount of light before processing it into a stunningly crisp image. The newly developed sensor also reduces image noise and has a great low-light shooting performance, plus it captures eye-catching bokeh effects.A powerful Venus Engine sits at the heart of the camera. This powerful processing chip features noise reduction systems such as Multi Process NR, Random Filter and Aperture Filter. Matched with the MOS sensor, the Venus processing unit achieves exceptional picture quality that surpasses most digital compacts.Leica lensCapture moments with beautifully sharp focus through the precision crafted LEICA DC optics. A zoom range that extends from 25 mm wide-angle to a 16x optical zoom of 400 mm telephoto gives you the creative scope to explore more shooting capabilities.The aspherical glass lens works with the large image sensor to deliver bright and beautiful shots. The bright F2.8 – 4.0 lens ensures picture perfect moments across the whole zoom range, and it lets you get creative with focusing and subject expression.4K Ultra HD videoShoot video moments in incredible detail – 4K Ultra HD allows you to recrord video that is smooth, natural and full of life. You can even lift 8-megapixel stills straight from your high resolution movies.Full HD shooting is available and fps can be switched to match your creative ambition – record dramatic Full HD slow motion shots at 100 fps.Sharp shooterOptical image stabilisation technology detects and compensates shake – capture great handheld stills and videos without blur. The HYBRID O.I.S with 5-axis corrections uses horizontal, vertical, axis rotation, vertical rotation and horizontal rotation. A Level Shot function detects the horizontal line, maintaining a level shot even if the bridge camera is tilted.Macro & high speed shootingPanasonic’s DMC-FZ1000 features macro shooting capabilities that allow you to capture a subject as close as 3 cm from the lens in full focus. This gets you close enough to capture impeccable detail on smaller subjects like insects and blooming flowers.High speed shooting is important to any serious photography; you need that speed and power to capture a fast-moving photo opportunity. Combining Depth from Defocus technology with conventional Light Speed AF, the DMC-FZ1000EB achieves speedier shooting – capture a burst of shots at 12 fps in full resolution.Wireless connectivityBuilt-in WiFi and NFC give you an easy connection to other devices for wireless image sharing. You can also benefit from remote shooting with the Panasonic Image App – download the app to a smartphone or tablet and enjoy control over zoom, focus and shutter.Record location information to each photo with Geotagging functionality, this is done by using the GPS log of a smartphone or tablet device.