PNY High Performance Class 10 microSD Memory Card – 16 GB


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Top features:- Quick read speed to transfer data – Versatility between different slots – Multiple protections keep your data safe from damage Quick read speedA read speed of 100 MB/s means you don’t need to wait when moving files around. You’ll be able to get all of your holiday photos from your smartphone to your PC in no time.VersatilityIdeal for smartphones and tablets, the included SD adapter means you can move pictures between devices whether they have microSD slots or a standard SD slot. The PNY High Performance Class 10 microSD Memory Card is compatible with all devices with an SD or a microSD slot, so you can pull video from your camcorder and load it onto your tablet with ease.Multiple protectionsFive different protections keep the microSD memory card safe. Resistant to temperature, shocks, magnets, water and x-rays, the memory card keeps your data safe no matter what your commute is like.