POLAROID Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera – Black, Black


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Top features: – Instantly print and share straight from the camera – High resolution images stored on the microSD card – Creative modes for adding filters to your photos – Large 3.5” touchscreen for easy photos and playback Instantly print and shareThe best of both worlds, the Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera lets you capture digital photos and print them straight from the camera.You can print 2 x 3” (50.8 x 76.2 mm) on Polaroid’s Zink Zero Ink Paper – great for creating memories to treasure or giving to friends and family. The photo paper has an adhesive back so you can stick them anywhere or take your home-made gifts up a notch. Best of all, there’s no ink or toner cartridges, so you won’t find yourself low on ink at a time you really want to take a snap.High resolution imagesThe Snap Touch captures 13 megapixel images and Full HD video, all stored on the microSD card for easy access – transfer and backup to your PC, instantly share with your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, or just save for later if you’ve run out of paper.Creative modesThe Printing app lets you edit and add filters, text, borders, emojis, digital stickers, and more – it’s a great way to add personalisation and fun touches to your photos. You can also transfer to or print from your mobile device, if you want to save your zink paper. Large 3.5” touchscreenThe large 3.5” touchscreen makes it simple to navigate menus, print photos, compose shots, and playback images and videos.Picture this The decisive moment, that perfect shot, missed because you were waiting for your camera to be ready to take a photo again. But it’s not your camera or your shooting technique – it’s all down to having the right memory card. To prevent that annoying lag when capturing high res images and HD video, opt for a high performance memory card with a fast write speed. Now you can focus on your subject.