SIGMA 19 mm f/2.8 DN Wide-angle Prime Lens – for Sony


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Top features: – Wide-angle lens ideal for landscape and architecture photography – Take high-quality images thanks to distortion- and aberration-correcting elements – Flare and ghosting correction with Super Multi-Layer Coating Wide-angle lens Unleash your photographic creativity with the Sigma 19 mm f/2.8 DN Wide-angle Prime Lens for your mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Its wide angle of view is perfect for capturing stunning landscapes, classic architecture or indoor scenes. Get more detail into each frame and capture the drama of scenes for more memorable photos. High-quality images Enjoy clear, balanced-looking images with each shot. Image distortion and field curvature are corrected thanks to three glass mould aspherical lenses. In addition the inner focusing system helps to keep the camera steady and maintain sharp image quality. Flare and ghosting correction Don’t worry if the scene you want to capture is heavily backlit. The lens contains Sigma’s Super Multi-Layer Coating which works to reduce flare and ghosting. This means you can take outstanding images in different shooting conditions, making the lens a versatile choice.