SkyWatcher Explorer 130P Telescope


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The Sky-Watcher Explorer-130P Telescope is a Newtonian Reflector telescope with a 130mm mirror and is telescope of excellent quality. The EQ2 mount is solidly engineered and tried and tested for over ten years now. It carries the weight of the telescope and is generously specified so that it will work well with the additional weight of accessories such as cameras etc. Specifications: 130mm (5.1 inch) diameter primary mirror Telescope focal length: 650mm (f/5) Quality EQ-2 equatorial mount Parabolic primary mirror 0.5mm ultra thin secondary mirror supports Comes with an aluminium tripod with accessory tray Plus 10mm and 25mm 1.25″ eyepieces and red dot finder Magnification with the supplied eyepieces 26x, 65x Highest practical power (potential): 260x 30% more light gathering than 114mm scope