SONY 135 mm f/2.8 STF Telephoto Prime Lens


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Top features: – Exceptionally smooth defocused backgrounds for ultra-compelling photos – Smooth image definition and sharper focus with special features Exceptionally smooth defocused backgroundsYou’ll be able to take stunning close-ups of distant subjects with the Sony SAL135F28 135 mm f/2.8 STF Telephoto Prime Lens.It combines a long focal length with the unique magnification of a prime lens to deliver intimate-feeling images of inaccessible subjects – ideal for safaris and live events.With Smooth Transition Focus (STF), subjects will stand out in vivid high definition as the space behind them smoothly transitions into a liquid-like soft-focus form, beautifully separating foreground and background areas.Smooth image definition and sharper focusThe lens is fitted with special apodization elements that smoothly taper off the intensity of defocused point light sources so that they radially fade, avoiding sharply defined edges or geometric forms so your shots look softer and more appealing.