SONY DSC-RX0 Action Camcorder – Black, Black


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Top features: – Slow motion video capture for intense action – Wide-angle lens keeps everything in the frame – Wireless connectivity for easy controls – Compact design lets you film anywhere Slow motion video captureAble to capture high definition video at 1000 fps, the Sony DSC-RX0 Action Camcorder can capture action beyond human perception. The high processing speed of the DSC-RX0 captures every frame in minute detail.Even if you miss the action, the DSC-RX0 won’t – trigger mode will start recording up to four seconds before you press the button. Whether you’re trying to record nature in action, or just film a friend back flipping, you can capture the unpredictable in confidence.Wide-angle lensFor when you need to capture all the action, the DSC-RX0 Action Camcorder has a wide lens. Even at high resolutions, the DSC-RX0 is able to reduce the usual distortion at the edge of wide-angle shots. At the same time, contrast and sharpness are intensified to get your actors looking their best – and to make things a little easier in post-production.Wireless connectivityBuilt-in WiFi puts control in your hands. Download the free PlayMemories app and you’ll have direct control of the DSC-RX0 Action Cam. Start and stop recording without having to edit out any fumbling with the camera buttons.You’ll also be able to play back footage instantly on your smartphone or tablet, so you know whether the scene was captured perfectly or if you need another take. When outside of WiFi range, built-in Bluetooth picks up the slack, so you get full functionality even when shooting outside.Compact designThe DSC-RX0 Action Camcorder fits in the palm of your hand. The compact, rectangular body wastes no space, and with the proper mounts the DSC-RX0 can film from wherever you need for the right angle. Even if the DSC-RX0 ends up having to be positioned upside down, it can automatically flip the image back for review.Get the most out of your action camWe recommend using a UHS Speed Class 3 memory card as it offers the speed you need for capturing Full HD footage. Keep your new gear protected with a travel-friendly case or bag which will also hold your daily essentials.Capture shots from unique angles and perspectives by mounting your action cam – we offer a wide selection of action cam mounts and harnesses.